I currently work as a freelance industrial designer. In my free time, I create 3D models of objects that I already own so that I can gather deeper insight on their form.
This is my Polaroid camera that I made using Fusion 360. I love this software! It is quick and easy, and allows for quick renderings that are pretty good! I liked this project a lot because it really showed me how something can really be more than the sum of its parts. When handling the actual camera, it feels and operates like such a simple piece of equipment, but when I was creating the model, I realized it was far from it. But that's what design is all about right? The best design is sometimes the kind you don't notice.
This is a Solidworks model of my mothers very modern flower vase. I really enjoyed this model as it taught me how easy some seemingly complicated forms can be to make. Also, after studying geodesic shapes in many different classes over the years, it was fun to see for my self how they are made.
I recently modeled my iPhone XR in Solidworks. I was honestly surprised by its simplicity. Of course I recognize that Apples signature style is clean, simple and beautiful, but it did not occur to me that the form of this particular form is akin to a flat eraser. I had always assumed that the design hierarchy for physical objects ranked something along the lines of Form - Details - Color. In this case, the differences in materials and especially the color of the phone are the most important, and what makes this particular iPhone beautiful.
This is a model of my 5.10 climbing shoe. I wanted to see what the shoe looks like once I stripped away most of the leather, leaving the climbing rubber and velcro straps. I wanted to know what was necessary to a climbing shoe, and what was not. Model made using Rhino.

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